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Are you passionate about raising black role model visibility to empower our young people to achieve greater success? Then, you have come to the right place!

Click here to register your interest as a Mentor.

Female High School Tutor With Two Studen

BEG Mentoring Scheme

We partner with African and Caribbean communities, organisations and schools in disadvantaged communities to support primary and secondary aged pupils who would benefit from a mentor. The scheme exists to engage students with professional mentorship to raise aspirations for the young person, unlock potential and enhance employability. We believe that it is essential for our professional mentors to have sound judgement, a good character, academic and work experience to ensure young people are successfully supported. We pride ourselves in providing our mentees with opportunities to excel and guiding them to make informed decisions in different aspects of their lives.

Mentor Responsibilities

  • Establish positive relationships with mentees referred to them and engage them with the scheme; arrange monthly or bi-monthly meetings at a public venue for a 12 month period.


  • Plan and organise activities to engage young people during the sessions. The activities will be tailored to the needs of their mentee and agreed targets will be made after each session in areas such as: educational attainment, social skills, behaviour and attendance.


  • Support mentee to set their own goals. Develop mentees skills and confidence to achieve their goals and facilitate the maximising of their learning potential.


  • Provide strategies to overcome barriers that the mentee may face.


  • Keep records of meetings and progress after each session and disseminate this with the Programme Leader.


Mentee Registration

Are you a parent or a guardian who is searching for a mentor or a tutor to support your child? Click here to complete your registration form.

* Please indicate on the form (aspirations field) if you would like the tuition service.

Benefits of a mentor

Mentoring can:

  • Improve your child's academic performance, attendance and attitude.

  • Help your child to realise and maximise their potential. 

  • Increase the likelihood of your child engaging in positive behaviours and having the confidence to manage peer pressure. 

  • Enhance self-confidence and self-esteem in your child resulting in higher educational aspirations. 

Teacher and Young Student
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